Advice For Couples Who Have Been Affected By An Affair

Affairs are painful and dangerous for relationships.  They bring feelings of extreme hurt, betrayal and anger.

The revelation of the affair can be one of the most painful things that happens in a marriage. Once the secret has been uncovered, couples face tumultuous emotions and a series of high intensity exchanges and crises. 

We have a great deal of expertise with this problem, have helped many couples navigate this territory and would be happy to help you through this time.

    Affairs can be devastating.

Marriages Can Recover From An Affair

Many marriages do, however, recover from the revelation of an affair.  Often both partners express the opinion, months, sometimes years down the road, that in some crazy way, the affair was a “gift” for the marriage as they have become stronger and recovered or developed the skills required for true intimacy.

We have a whole website devoted to healing from affairs. 
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